10 Smart Tips to Maintain Your Home Heating & Cooling System Energy Efficient

1. Insulate and Weatherproof! One of the most reliable HEATING AND COOLING system on the planet could not make up for a badly protected residence. Drafty windows and door seals and under-insulated attics as well as outside wall surfaces could create your HVAC to work double-time attempting to maintain.

2. Not all home heating, air flow and also cooling (HVAC) equipment is equal. As much as half of the energy used in your home goes to cooling and heating. So making wise decisions regarding your home's HEATING AND COOLING system can have a big effect on your utility bills-- and also your convenience.

3. Heating and air conditioning prices make up almost half the house's total energy costs. If your air conditioning unit is more than 10 years old, changing it with an ENERGY STAR ® certified, high-efficiency version might cut your cooling prices by 30 percent.

4. ENERGY STAR certified central air conditioning conditioners have a higher seasonal energy performance proportion (SEER) than standard versions, that makes them regarding 14% more reliable compared to basic models. The greater the SEER, the greater the performance. Considering that sizing as well as correct setup of a central air system are critical to power efficiency and also house convenience, it is very important to hire a certified specialist.

5. Heatpump that get approved for the Smart Energy Savers Program have a greater http://dorrianheating.com/ seasonal energy performance ratio (SEER) as well as home heating seasonal performance variable (HSPF) than common models, that makes them concerning 8% percent much more reliable than common brand-new models as well as 20% more efficient compared to just what you may already have in your residence.

6. Gas furnaces receiving discounts have annual fuel use performance (AFUE) ratings of 92%, or higher, making them as much as 15% a lot more reliable compared to basic designs. One in 4 heaters in U.S. houses today is greater than Two Decade old. Certifying gas heaters make use of advanced technology to deliver higher efficiency than conventional new heating systems offered today.

7. High-efficiency cooling and heating devices received the BGE refund satisfy or surpass the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's ENERGY STAR ® requirements for product efficiency.

8. When is it time to change your main heating and air conditioning system?

When your equipment needs constant repair services as well as your energy costs are boosting.
When your heat pump or air conditioning system is greater than 10 years old. Take into consideration changing it with a newer, extra power efficient tools that satisfies the Smart Energy Savers Program rebate performance levels
When your heater is more than 15 years old. Think about replacing it with a more recent, much more energy-efficient heater that satisfies the Smart Energy Savers Program discount effectiveness degrees.

9. Although these products can be extra costly to acquire up front, the price difference will certainly be paid back gradually through lower power bills. Make sure to ask your contractor regarding Smart Energy Savers Program Home Heating & Cooling Refunds which could considerably help in reducing the difference in cost in between standard as well as high-efficiency items.

10. Proper maintenance could go a long way in protecting against future cooling and heating system troubles. Ask your contractor about annual pre-season exams. Contractors frequently obtain really active during summer as well as winter season, so it's a great idea to examine the cooling system in the springtime and also the furnace in the fall.

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